About us

MFE Services are specialists in manufacturing excellence.  With the dearth of knowledge in manufacturing finance, MFE deliver decades of competency as practitioner experts.  We use cutting edge technology in operational finance to assess opportunities in the organization.  Our expertise includes:

Productivity is the life blood of all companies.  MFE partners with companies to implement, optimize, and sustain productivity within the organization.

Optimum Profitability improvement tangential to cash flow.  MFE focuses on identifying opportunities to improve profitability and cash flow.

Supply Chain Optimization involves the assessment of procurement through distribution channels.  MFE specializes in identifying opportunities in processes and tools to ensure optimal operation of a manufacturing operation.

Accurate and transparent Manufacturing Reports which drives business solutions, efficiencies, and strategic imperatives, continues to elude manufacturing executives.  MFE specializes in developing transparent manufacturing contribution to Income Statement reports.  This afford executives visibility to the real cost of goods. 


“Manufacturing Excellence – key to global economic sustainability.” – CEO, MFE Services

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