MFE is the name known by manufacturers for “manufacturing finance excellence”.  We hire experts in the field of manufacturing finance who have the expertise to add value to our global organization through our partners.  MFE experts thrive in an entrepreneurship environment, where you add value to major Multinational Corporations or a niche of Small or Medium Enterprises around the globe.


What does MFE do?

Manufacturing Excellencekey to global economic sustainability.” – CEO, MFE

With the dearth of knowledge in manufacturing finance, MFE deliver decades of competency as practitioner experts.  We use cutting edge technology in operational finance to assess opportunities in the organization.  Our expertise includes improving profitability, productivity, reporting, and supply chain optimization.


Are you a potential MFE expert?

If you are a seasoned, retired, or in-between job Controller, CFO, VP of Manufacturing Finance, and similar levels in a manufacturing organization, you can become an MFE expert.  Are you flexible, open to a virtual work schedule or telecommuting, and able to work in a global organization?  Let’s have a chat.


We want to know you

Please introduce yourself using the attached form, and send your resume, CV, or profile.  We look forward to connecting with you.