SME Connect


*SME Connect is a means to adopt an SME.  The system aligns Business Sponsors with smaller businesses through a process of adoption. The benefits are unparalleled for all stakeholders – Business Sponsors, SMEs, and the communities and country. 

Business Sponsors

Regardless of size, sponsors pool their voluntary resource with other similar sponsors in the country, to catalyze the social and economic development of the country through investments in smaller businesses.  As a single company, the impact will be minimal, but as a group, the benefit will be enormous.  The financial sponsorship may be in any amount, while MFE will facilitate the adoption match, monitoring, evaluation, reporting, and continuity and sustainability. Skill acquisition, Execution and Scaling, and Advisory will be made available to ensure the success of the program.  We invite you to a breakfast meeting coming up soon, to know more about the program.  Please provide your information by connecting with us here.

Small & Medium Enterprises (SME)

The country understands the strength of successful SMEs, and equally understands the challenges faced by the same body.  MFE via SME Connect will match your company with Business Sponsors.  Financial sponsorship and operational training with support will be made available to start your business, fund working capital, grow, and scale your organization.  We invite you to a seminar coming up soon, to know more about the program.  Please provide your information by connecting with us on here.

Communities & Country

SMEs are the backbone of the social and economic success of the society.  The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) developed by the United Nations coupled with the agility of the country’s SMEs, will not only deliver on the SDGs but also accelerate the social and economic development.  MFE via SME Connect will be a conduit to attain both the country and the worldwide SDG initiatives.  MFE is working with multiple stakeholders to facilitate the attainment of the goals through private sectors engagement by the provision of a robust, structured, transferable, replicable, and multifaceted approach to deliver on the dual initiatives.  This is a win-win for the nation.  For more information, please provide your contact, so we can organize a discussion.  Click here to contact MFE.



*Small and Medium Enterprises

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